When I first watched the babkiewariea it took me a while to realize how grateful I am to be in the situation we all are in and living in the United States. Our country has had so many foreign people or even us invade their country and expect people to adapt to us. When they do something we don’t understand we expect them to stop and adapt to us. When really we should be adapting to each others culture and learning what we can from one another. I’ve actually been somewhere that they didn’t like me simply because I wasn’t like them. That feeling is awful because you can’t change it if its what you look like or where your from. I only see it helping me look out for others in the future. 

In Chapter three I remembered the unconscious competence part, which was being unaware that your actions or behaviors are unappropriated. I began to wonder how much this has happened to me and obviously not realize it was inappropriate to some people or cultures. Really makes you think and understand that it’s good to learn about cultures before you immerse yourself.

Chapter four was about culture and about how everyone has different culture from one another. Like this culture has a lot of Christians and Mormons and they have different cultures than people one state away. Well pretty much different from everyone. People have cultures all over such as school, home, work and other places as well.  


Hello, my name is Mason Bell and I’m from Highland, Utah. I am senior about to graduate in public relations in spring. I’m hoping that I can find jobs in either the Utah Jazz organization or BYU Athletics. I really enjoy playing any kind of sport and played several in high school. 

From chapter 1 the word ethnocentric was what I remembered most. This is when you look at other people, cultures and at the world in certain way because of your own upbringing. We see different symbols and even though many symbols mean the same thing to people in our own culture, several can be completely different because of things that happened in your life. 

Chapter 2 talks about seeing values and norms from people in different cultures than you. I’ve seen this several times in my life when I lived either out of the country or in a place where the culture is complete different from what I was use to. The biggest one that stands out to me was when I lived on an island for school. All the students from the United States were somewhat concerned with time and abides by time more. The locals didn’t let time influence their lives and really paid no attention to what time it was but only lived by how much sunlight was available.